About us

Welcome to Care For Newborn, your trusted destination for valuable, current, and impartial information designed to support your growing family. Generously supported to serve by the community, we stand as a reliable resource committed to offering guidance without commercial influence.

Crafted with the modern, bustling family in mind, our content is conveniently accessible, providing a wealth of tried-and-tested tips and strategies. Whether you’re seeking advice or solutions for various parenting queries, our platform offers a repository of knowledge available precisely when and where you need it.

Our comprehensive array of articles, videos, and interactive tools caters to diverse phases and milestones, guiding you seamlessly from nurturing an infant through the journey of fostering a self-assured, resilient teenager. Additionally, we extend support to you, the parent, recognizing the importance of self-care in this fulfilling yet challenging role.

At Care For Newborn, we are dedicated to being your unwavering companion throughout every step of your parenting odyssey.

What we do & why

What Care For Newborn believes

At Care For Newborn, we firmly believe that parents and caregivers are in the best position to make decisions that align with their values, circumstances, and lifestyles, shaping the well-being of their children and families. Our foundation rests upon delivering scientifically backed information in parenting and child health, empowering parents to make informed decisions.

What Care For Newborn does

Care For Newborn offers meticulously researched, evidence-based content covering pregnancy, nurturing children from birth to 18 years, and supporting parental well-being. We curate this information, translating complex findings into easily understandable language, enriched with real-life examples.

Our commitment lies in providing practical ideas and suggestions derived from evidence-based practices, respecting individual circumstances, without prescribing definitive solutions.

Who Care For Newborn is for

Care For Newborn caters to all parents, expecting parents, and caregivers across Australia. Additionally, our platform may offer valuable insights for parents and caregivers globally.

Professionals in various domains supporting parents and caregivers, including general practitioners, child and family health nurses, educators, teachers, social workers, and psychologists, among others, can leverage our resources to assist the families they work with.

Where Care For Newborn content originates

In collaboration with over 400 esteemed Australian and international experts, Care For Newborn produces content grounded in the latest research.

How Care For Newborn ensures reliable, scientifically validated content

Each piece of content undergoes a rigorous assessment led by the Care For Newborn content team and its Scientific Advisory Board. This board, composed of leading experts in child health and development, oversees the content development process, ensuring accuracy and validity through the scrutiny of at least two independent experts.

Regular reviews and updates are conducted to maintain the currency of published content.

How Care For Newborn Addresses Controversy

Acknowledging the presence of controversial topics within parenting and child health, we navigate these by adhering to the strength of scientific evidence and the necessity for balanced perspectives. When controversies arise, we acknowledge and present scientifically valid arguments from both sides, empowering individuals to form their own conclusions.

How Care For Newborn ensures inclusivity and diversity

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders: We acknowledge the significance of culture and community in the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Collaborating with respective organizations, we strive to improve cultural understanding and cater to the information needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents and caregivers.

Raising Children Network’s commitment to Reconciliation: We believe in fostering reconciliation through education, action, and respect.

Users with low literacy and diverse language backgrounds: Care For Newborn offers resources in plain language, including Easy English booklets and visual aids for those who prefer non-English resources.

Users from diverse cultural backgrounds: Our content embraces and respects cultural diversity in parenting practices, incorporating inclusive examples and options, diverse images, and parent stories.

Users with disabilities: We adhere to Web Accessibility Guidelines to ensure our website is accessible to a wide range of users with disabilities.

Diverse families: Care For Newborn recognizes and represents various family structures, providing inclusive content, examples, and support for diverse family types.

Funding and History of Care For Newborn

Care For Newborn is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services Families and Children Program, occasionally receiving support from other government departments. Operated by Raising Children Network as a not-for-profit entity, we do not engage in advertising or endorse commercial products. Our initiative began in 2006, responding to the need for credible and free parenting information highlighted in Australian Government-funded research.

Who we are

Raising Children Network Board

The Raising Children Network Board comprises distinguished representatives from the Network’s member organizations. These board members are renowned experts and advocates in the realm of child development and parenting, contributing both nationally and internationally.

Learn more about the esteemed members of the Raising Children Network Board.

Raising Children Network Director

At the helm of Raising Children Network’s operations is the Director, overseeing key responsibilities:

  • Disseminating evidence-based parenting and child development information via raisingchildren.net.au.
  • Collaborating with Australian and state governments, businesses, and community organizations to enhance support for all Australian parents.
  • Integrating Raising Children Network resources into the practices of child health and development professionals nationwide.

The Director leading these efforts is Derek McCormack.

Raising Children Network member organizations

The Raising Children Network collaborates closely with esteemed member organizations, fostering a collective effort to empower and support parents. These include:

  • Parenting Research Centre
  • Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children’s Hospital.

The Smart Population Foundation was instrumental as a founding member of the Raising Children Network, contributing to its inception.